How to make American Girl Candy Sleigh

Posted on Nov 23 2015 – 3:47pm
by Rudy

How to make American Girl Candy Sleigh

How to make American Girl Candy Sleigh

A few weeks ago we received a fabulous request for some candy wrappers.  We have already made a few candy wrappers, but this request was for something a little different. These were to be used for making American Girl Candy Sleighs! What a fun and cute idea! This craft is one to keep you and your crafting helpers busy.  The kids and I made an afternoon of it and we had so much fun.  There are two printables to choose from.  One with Holiday bows and one without.  I think the bows are great for Christmas scenes and the ones without bows will be cute in candy jars throughout the year!

Shelly from Shelly’s Doll World used these printables to set up a scene of her dolls making the candy sleighs and it’s gorgeous.  The dolls are super busy making gifts for their friends!

How to make American Girl Candy Sleigh

Materials Needed:

  1. Scissors
  2. Glue Stick
  3. Tape
  4. Craft Foam
  5. Aluminum Foil
  6. Ribbon
  7. Mini Candy Canes
  8. American Girl Candy Wrappers
  9. American Girl Candy Wrappers with bows

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Watch and tell us what your dolls will do with the candy! ?


  • Shelly used real mini candy canes and I used mini candy cane ornaments.  You can find the ornaments at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I’m sure other stores have them too.  Or, if you want to craft a little more, make them from red and white pipe cleaners!
  • I don’t have the measurements for the candy bars, I just eye balled it.  Your candy canes might be bigger or smaller, so to make your candies look right you might need to cut the printables down to smaller size.  I used them as is.
  • Double sided tape was easier my little ones to use, but if you can use hot glue to assemble the sleigh, that’s a good choice too.
  • Cover the Kit Kat with packaging tape when it’s put together to give the wrapper a shiny look, just like the original.
  • I did use a 5mm brown craft foam sheet, but really any color or thickness will work.  If it’s a very thin craft foam, you might need to glue a few layers together to get the right “thickness” for the candy bars.
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    I know this is random but can you please make a dog bed

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    I know this is random but can you make a dog bed please

  4. Grace
    November 30, 2015 at 11:32 am –

    You could make it with real candy and candy canes for a gift!

  5. Grace
    November 30, 2015 at 11:31 am –

    You could probably make this with real candy canes and real candy for a gift!

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    How do you make the mini candy canes

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    same i look every day and always find the best crafts

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    I LOVE your crafts. every day and night i look at your website and see if theres anything new. AND ALSO thank you for the cold stone video. Ive already made it!!

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    So cute! Hershey bars definitely.

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    Yah, I don’t have to much colored ink too. ?

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    November 24, 2015 at 7:31 am –

    I took clay and put in Hershey’s mini wrappers and taped it up. I also have Dots, Milk Duds’, and Nerds.

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    so cute!!My dolls like Hershey bars.

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    Yummmmmy! My dolls would love this ?? But, I can’t make a lot of your crafts because I don’t have Colored Ink for our printer? Hopefully we can get some so I can use your Printables!

    • Rudy
      November 24, 2015 at 8:08 am –

      You can always print them at a local library, FedEx, Staples, Etc. It costs very little to do this! Usually about $0.10 per sheet!