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Ruthie American Girl Doll, introduced as the fifth character in the line of ‘Best Friends’,In 2008. This doll was launched to promote the concept of friendship and its real-life significance. In the storybook, the writer tells the story of Ruthie, a historical character who loves fairy tales and happy endings. Her narrative mirrors a fairy tale, emphasizing the power of friendship and helping others during challenging times. This charming doll retired In 2014 but her storybook available in AG stores serves as an educational tool.

Ruth Ann Smithens’ Story in Seconds

Ruth Ann Smithens (Nickname; Ruthie), Kit’s best friend, grew up in Cincinnati during the Great Depression. Despite the challenging economic times, her family remained stable because her dad worked as a banker.  Ruthie and Kit became friends when Kit became a client at the bank where her dad, Stan Smithens, worked.

Ruthie, the only child of well-off parents, adores princesses, movie stars, and reading fairy tales with happy endings. She enjoys dancing, tennis, and horse riding lessons. 

Her family’s financial security allows them to go on vacations and watch movies without any money worries. In contrast, Kit’s family struggles due to her father’s job loss during the Great Depression. She supports Kit as a true friend, preserving her family’s pride. Occasionally, she assists Kit Kittredge in writing articles for her homemade newspaper, ‘The Hard Times News’.

Ruthie often lives in an idealized world and feels hurt when her attempts to assist Kit are turned down. She is intrigued by Kit’s bustling household, which contrasts with the quiet of her own home. At times, she can’t help but envy Kit’s interesting and exciting life. She admires how people trust Kit and is inspired by kit’s maturity in decision-making and her dedication to serving others, making Kit appear more grown-up than Ruthie. Both These friends were sometimes different in thoughts but Ruithe is a loyal and courageous friend and always likes to help Kit in hardtime. 

Ruthie’s true strength is her unwavering support for Kit, who faced financial difficulties due to their house’s mortgage. Her loyalty and determination for friends lead her to contact Kit’s Aunt Millie for a happy ending . Ruth Ann Smithens is celebrated for her helpful and romantic character.

Ruthie’s Family and Friends

Ruthie‘s family members are an integral part in her story; her interaction with family provides insight into the well-off family of the era of The Great Depression. Her Friend Stirling Howard always gave strength whenever she got hurted by her attitude.

Family and Friends are namely listed with character :

  • Stan Smiths: Ruthie’s father, a banker
  • Lily Smithens: Ruthie’s mother
  • Nancy Smithens: Ruthie’s maternal aunt

Ruthie’s two closest friends are:

  • Kit Kittredge: A confident girl who is facing financial problem
  • Stirling Howard: A boy who always help Ruthie 

About Ruthie’s Doll

Ruthie’s 18-inch doll’s outfit and accessories are inspired by the characters in the story.

Face Type

The doll itself has a model with light skin and lovely curly hair. It looks beautiful with its gray eyes, which sparkle when surrounded by its dark brown curly hair parted to the left without bangs.

Dressing and  outfit 

Ruthie, known for her romantic character and  belonging from a well-off family, ensures her doll’s outfit reflects her style. The doll’s dress features puffed sleeves with  purple floral print, adds a touch of beauty. furthermore white buttons on the left side and white and purple trim, mirroring Ruthie’s elegant and charming persona.

Ruthie's Family and Friends

The doll wears black Mary Jane-style shoes with a slight heel, paired with light blue patterned socks that perfectly complement its outfit. To complete the look, a purple hair bow made of ribbon matches the trim on the dress, creating a fashionable and coordinated appearance.

Ruthie’s accessories

Doll accessories by American Girl are not only added to enhance the play value of dolls but provide an opportunity to learn about the historical culture of doll characters. 

Here is name of the things that are added with this American girl doll, each one provides a glimpse of her character

  • Wristwatch: Her wrist showcases a lovely wristwatch, a precious gift from her father, with hands that move when the watch is tilted. 
  • Barrettes: Light purple barrettes in a rose shape further enhance her beauty, adding a touch of elegance to her style. 
  • Handkerchief: Ruthie carries a white handkerchief with a delicate purple border. It features a charming pattern of lavender flowers with green leaves, adding beauty to the handkerchief’s square shape.
  • Back vinyl purse: To enhance the doll’s style, a black vinyl purse with a silver-colored clasp and a front pocket is included. This accessory adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

About Author of storybook  

Valerie Tripp (1951), author of “Really Truly Ruthie” well known for her contribution in the American Girl doll book Series.

Ruthie’s story isn’t just for fun, it’s a great way to learn. The writer shows how real friends and helping others can bring happiness, even during tough times like ‘The Great Depression’. The writer’s style makes the story interesting and teaches important lessons about moral values of the real world. Kids learn about being good friends and staying loyal with your beloved.

She wrote stories of American Girl dolls like Felicity, Josefina, Kit, Molly, and Maryellen. She also worked on four out of the five “Best Friends” character stories. Some of her stories were turned into movies and shows with a few changes. 


Ruthie’s story is not just an entertaining tale; it’s an educational tool highlighting the enduring values of true friendship and helping others during challenging times. Through her character, young readers learn about the importance of loyalty and unwavering support, as exemplified by her friendship with Kit. The how tall are american girl dolls and her accessories provide a glimpse into the historical context of the 1930s.

Author Valerie Tripp skillfully brings Ruth Ann Smithens narrative to life, leaving young readers with lasting lessons on the significance of true friendship and support during difficult periods. The doll it self and its storybook serve as a charming way for children to explore history and learn essential life values. how tall are american girl dolls?