Here at American Girl Ideas, we are all about Dolls, How To Make Doll Crafts and all things Doll Related. We want everyone to participate in our doll ideas website! So, if you would like your ideas or collections featured on American Girl Ideas, please leave a comment or fill out the contact form. For a fast response please email me directly at [email protected]


Can I sell the plans found on American Girl Ideas in my Etsy store or in my personal business? No. You cannot sell the plans found on this website.  They are made and shared with the intent to be helpful for personal projects at no cost.

Can I use the plans from American Girl Ideas to build a project and then sell it? Yes.  You may use the plans found on this website to build a project yourself and then sell it.  Just make sure you give American Girl Ideas credit for the plans.

Can the printables found on American Girl Ideas be uploaded to a personal Facebook Page, Etsy Shop, Online Groups, etc.? No.  Any printables from this website are property of American Girl Ideas.  You may not sell them or upload them to online sharing files.  They are for personal use only.   If you would like to share them with friends, simply direct them to the post found on American Girl Ideas.

Can I feature an idea from American Girl Ideas on my blog, Facebook Group, YouTube Channel or any other social media sharing sites? Yes.  You can feature any project that is found on this website.  It is required to give American Girl Ideas credit and a link back to the original post.

Can I make a request for a project I would like to see done? Yes!  Absolutely.  I love getting requests from readers and it happens often.  Please keep in mind that when a request is sent in, it is added to the reader request file.  That means there is a chance several other requests are in front of yours, but it will get done!



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