American Girl Christmas Celebration Bundle


American Girl Christmas Celebration Bundle is an engaging and instructive toy set for children aged 6 and older. It features a Christmas Party Sweater and an American Girl Advent Calendar. The set focuses on teaching about winter clothing, the importance of healthy eating habits and practicing good manners. The addition of the Advent Calendar creates an element of fun and anticipation, encouraging creativity and cultural understanding.

“Having Christmas with an American Doll feels like opening a magical box—every outfit and accessory brings the holiday joy to playtime!”

Here is comprehensive information about the Christmas Celebration Bundle:

Christmas Party Sweater for 18-inch Dolls

A festive green sweater, adorned with a whimsical gingerbread character, features the playful phrase “OH SNAP,” expressing surprise or dismay to create a joyful atmosphere. The whole set consists of a delightful party invitation, intricately designed star and ornament cookies presented on a delicate plate, a mug filled to the brim with rich hot cocoa and cute matching headbands for both a girl and her doll. Each headband is adorned with twinkling Christmas lights, adding to the charm of this whimsical celebration filled with merriment and holiday cheer.

Key Features:

Here is more about this package, serving as both a helpful and educational tool for kids.

  • Sweater:


This warm acrylic sweater tells kids it’s winter at Christmas. It teaches them wearing winter clothes isn’t just about staying warm; it’s also for protection and looking nice. When they see that the right clothes can be cozy and stylish, they learn that dressing well for winter isn’t just comfy but also makes them look good during the festive season.

  • Headbands(With glitter) :

Material: Plastic 

This package includes a green plastic headband that perfectly matches the sweater. The headband is adorned with twinkling Christmas lights and vibrant red, yellow, light pink and lime green glitter, making it both convenient and appealing for kids. It teaches them that wearing a nice headband enhances their personality. The saying “Hair needs care” is a reminder to take care of their hair for strength and shine. The glitter on the headband is like a crown, drawing in children’s attention and they learn to take care of their “crown.”

  • Plate, cookies, cocoa:


This collection has stuff like intricately designed star and ornament cookies artfully arranged on a dainty plate. Accompanying this sweet treat is a mug overflowing with rich, velvety hot cocoa. It  made to spark imaginative play and show kids how important food is. It teaches them that, just like their dolls, they need kitchen tools to eat. It stressing that having good food matters not only when things are tough but also when you’re happy. Playing with this set helps kids get why eating nicely is a big deal and reminds them that having a healthy eating routine is important all year long.

  • Invitation Card:

Material: Paper 

This package contains light blue Christmas party invitation cards with a printed design reflecting the festive season, all made of paper. It teaches children the importance of inviting others to share in the Christmas celebration, making the joy collective. Encouraging kids to invite relatives, neighbors and friends promotes fun and togetherness during Christmas. These invitation papers instill moral and character values in children, fostering a sense of community and connection with others.

American Girl Advent Calendar

The American Girl Advent Calendar is a delightful package that includes festive faux cookies, baking necessities for imaginative play, pretend sweet treats, seasonal sips for a touch of holiday flavor and charming dishware and decor. This collection promises a joyous and creative countdown to the holiday season, offering a variety of festive elements to engage and inspire.


Key Features:
Here is detailed view and importance for chliderns and for the day of christmas:

Festive faux cookies:

  • Christmas tree-shaped cookie
  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Green ornament-shaped cookie
  • Reindeer-shaped cookie
  • Set of sugar cookies with red and green candy pieces
  • Snowman-shaped cookie
  • Star-shaped sugar cookie

Tiny holiday cookies in diverse shapes enhance American Girl doll play, fostering creativity and serving as both decor and storytelling tools. These miniature tr

eats support children’s education by teaching shapes, colors, promoting fine motor skills, counting and encouraging imaginative play. The holiday-themed shapes also introduce cultural awareness, making learning both enjoyable and meaningful.

Baking necessities:

  • A pair of containers of purple and pink sprinkles
  • Piping bag for “frosting” the cookies
  • Set of star and ornament cookie cutters
  • Striped rolling pin with gingerbread dough
  • Two gingerbread cookie cutters

For American Girl doll enthusiasts, these accessories are more than decorative—they turn playtime into a lifelike baking experience. The intricate details add excitement, making the whole scenario feel real. Beyond fun, these mini tools are like educational instruments, promoting shape recognition, fine motor skills, early math and imaginative play, creating an enriching learning experience for kids.

Pretend sweet treats: 

  • A pair of green-and-pink striped candy canes
  • A white chocolate nutcracker
  • A gold box of candy canes
  • A purple lollipop that dolls can hold

Tiny holiday treats elevate American Girl doll play, adding fun and authenticity. These mini sweets not only look cute but also spark creativity, enhancing enjoyment for collectors and young fans. Beyond play, these accessories bring educational benefits by introducing colors, patterns, counting and fine motor skill development. The doll-held lollipop and nutcracker contribute to cultural awareness, making playtime a rich learning experience for children.

Seasonal sips:

  • Blue cup of cocoa with a snowflake graphic
  • Blue cup of punch
  • Glass of milk with a snowflake graphic
  • Pink cup of cocoa with a snowflake graphic
  • Purple saucer
  • Purple teacup with a snowflake graphic

Miniature drink accessories make American Girl doll play realistic and creative. Beyond looking cute, they teach colors, shapes and drink types, enhancing cognitive and social skills in pretend play. The attention to detail, like snowflake graphics, makes the experience authentic, offering a delightful and educational time for collectors and young fans.

Dishware and decor: 

  • Blue tray with a snowflake graphic
  • Glittery snow globe with a tree inside
  • Golden base
  • Plate with a snowman graphic

Tiny festive accessories elevate American Girl doll play, making it enjoyable for collectors and young enthusiasts. The snowman graphic plate and snowflake tray enhance visual recognition and imaginative play. The glittery snow globe aids fine motor skills, while the golden base introduces cultural awareness. Overall, these mini items offer an educational and enriching experience for children who love american girl dolls names.

Note: Be careful! this American Girl Advent Calendar tiny pieces. It’s not safe for kids under 3 years old.


The American Doll Christmas Celebration Bundle is more than just a fun toy for kids. It’s like a cool teacher with a cozy sweater, sparkly headbands, tasty cookies and a special Advent Calendar. While kids have a great time playing, they’re also learning about winter clothes, eating healthy, good manners and different cultures. Every piece in the set is designed to be super fun and helps kids be creative while learning new things. What’s even cooler is that it can also teach moral values, like sharing and inviting others to join in the fun. It’s not just a toy; it’s a fun and meaningful way for kids to learn and enjoy the holidays