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All American Girl Doll Names & Famous 5 Review

Every child in childhood likes to play with dolls. It’s natural because they may think that dolls are similar creatures to themselves. Most kids spend their childhood with dolls, but girls especially keep their dolls as their siblings and sometimes talk with them. What is the thing that attracts kids to girls’ dolls? It may be their curly, shiny, soft hair, their dress, makeup, or catchy eyes. It is not easy to summarize kids‘ attraction to dolls. It may be due to the kids’ innocence and kind hearts.

Here are some American Girl Doll Names that will attract any child or even a mature one to explore them.

NameFull NameYearDoll SeriesStatusYears Active
KayaKaya’aton’my (She Who Arranges Rocks)1764Historical Line (2002-2014; 2019–present) BeForever (2014-2019)Active2002–current
Felicity Merriman1774Historical Line (1991-2011) BeForever (2017–2019)Retired1991–2011 (initial release)

2017–2019 (BeForever re-release)

Elizabeth Cole1774Historical Line – Best FriendsRetired2004–2011
Caroline Abbott1812Historical Line (2012-2014) BeForever (2014–2015)Retired2012–2015
Josefina MontoyaMaria Josefina Montoya Romero1824Historical Line (1997-2014; 2019–present) BeForever (2014-2019)Active1997–current
Marie-Grace GardnerMarie-Grace Rousseau Gardner1853Historical LineRetired2011–2014
Cécile ReyCécile Amélie Rey1853Historical LineRetired2011–2014
Kirsten Larson1854Historical LineRetired1986–2010
Addy WalkerAduke Walker1864Historical Line (1993-2014; 2019–present) BeForever (2014-2019)Cubed1993–current
Samantha ParkingtonSamantha Mary Parkington1904Historical Line (1986-2009; 2019–present) BeForever (2014-2019)Cubed1986–2009 (initial release)

2014–current (BeForever re-release)

Nellie O’Malley1904Historical line – Best FriendsRetired2004–2009
Rebecca Rubin1914Historical Line (2009-2014; 2019–present) BeForever (2014-2019)Active2009–current
Claudie WellsClaudie Mae Wells1922Historical LineActive2022–current
Kit KittredgeMargaret Mildred Kittredge1934Historical Line (2000-2014; 2019–present) BeForever (2014-2019)Cubed2000–current
Ruthie SmithensRuth Ann Smithens1934Historical Line – Best FriendsRetired2008–2014
Nanea MitchellAlice Nanea Mitchell1941BeForever (2017-2019) Historical Line (2019-present)Active2017–current
Molly McIntireMolly Jean McIntire1944Historical Line (1986-2014; 2022–present) BeForever (2018-2019)Active1986–2014 (initial release)

2018-2019 (BeForever re-release) 2021 (35th Anniversary) 2022-current (Historical Dolls re-release)

Emily Bennett1944Historical Line – Best FriendsRetired2006–2014
Maryellen Larkin1954BeForever (2015-2019) Historical Line (2019–present)Active2015–current
Melody EllisonMelody Elizabeth Ellison1964BeForever (2016-2019) Historical Line (2019–present)Active2016–current
Julie AlbrightJulie Marie Albright1974Historical Line (2007-2014; 2019–present) BeForever (2014-2019)Active2007–current
Ivy Ling1974Historical Line – Best FriendsRetired2007–2014
Courtney MooreCourtney Deborah Moore1986Historical LineActive2020–current
Isabel HoffmanIsabel Jane Hoffman1999Historical LineActive2023–current
Nicki HoffmanNicki Pearl Hoffman1999Historical LineActive2023–current
Tenney GrantTennyson Evangeline GrantContemporary CharactersRetired2017–2018
Logan EverettContemporary CharactersRetired2017–2018
Z YangSuzanne YangContemporary CharactersRetired2017–2018
Evette PeetersWorld by UsActive2021-current
Maritza OchoaWorld by UsActive2021-current
Makena WilliamsMakena Lilias Cook WilliamsWorld by UsActive2021-current
Lindsey Bergman2001Girl of the YearRetired2001–2002
Kailey Hopkins2003Girl of the YearRetired2003–2004
Marisol Luna2005Girl of the YearRetired2005
Jess McConnellJess Akiko McConnell2006Girl of the YearRetired2006
Nicki Fleming2007Girl of the YearRetired2007
Mia St. Clair2008Girl of the YearRetired2008
Chrissa MaxwellChrissa Marie Maxwell2009Girl of the YearRetired2009
Sonali Matthews2009Girl of the Year – CompanionsRetired2009
Gwen Thompson2009Girl of the Year – CompanionsRetired2009
Lanie Holland2010Girl of the YearRetired2010
Kanani Akina2011Girl of the YearRetired2011
McKenna Brooks2012Girl of the YearRetired2012
Saige Copeland2013Girl of the YearRetired2013
Isabelle Palmer2014Girl of the YearRetired2014
Grace Thomas2015Girl of the YearRetired2015
Lea Clark2016Girl of the YearRetired2016
Gabriela McBride2017Girl of the YearRetired2017
Luciana Vega2018Girl of the YearRetired2018-2020
Blaire Wilson2019Girl of the YearRetired2019–2021
Joss KendrickJocelyn Elizabeth Kendrick2020Girl of the YearActive2020–current
Kira BaileyKira Bailey2021Girl of the YearActive2021-Current
Corinne TanCorinne Mei-Ling Tan2022Girl of the YearActive2022-Current
Gwynn TanGwynn Guang Tan2022Girl of the Year – CompanionsActive2022-Current
Kavi SharmaKavika Sharma2023Girl of the YearActive2022-Current


Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_Girl_characters

Top 5 famous  American Girl Doll Names

All American girl doll names tell a brief story of that girl who became an inspiration for others in her age due to her life history, struggle, skill, or that time’s culture.

Josefina Montoya (1824)


Josefina Montoya was added to the American Girls Doll collection in 1997 and became a part of the Beforever collection. She represents the era of Mexican rule as the sixth historical character. If you want to teach your child about the Lantix culture and history, then her story will help to explain that era. She was not a brave girl, but her story shows how she took care of and encouraged her family members to live even in the days of war with patience. She did all this just because she was nature-loving, had a good sense of humor, and hoped for the best in the future.

Natively, Josefina and her family belonged to Spanish culture, but her story is explained in English anyway; Spanish-integrated words are explained in English in the last part of the book.

Top  books of Josefina’s Story

  • Meet Josefina: An American Girl
  • Josefina Learns a Lesson: A School Story
  • Josefina’s Surprise: A Christmas Story
  • Happy Birthday, Josefina!: A Springtime Story
  • Josefina Saves the Day: A Summer Story
  • Changes for Josefina: A Winter Story

Kit Kittredge (1934)


In 2000, Kit Kittredge was added as a historical character to the Beforever Collection of dolls and updated in 2014. Recently, in 2023, Kit’s revised edition was related to her 100th birthday. Her story is all about the struggle of her family in the era of the Great Depression to meet their financial needs after her father’s job. She always tried to help her family in any way. Kit was not interested in dressing or housework like other girls in her community. She was good at playing physical games such as baseball. She was a challenging girl who saw herself as a reporter because she was interested in reading, writing, and speaking. Her story is best for a tomboy. The story is full of inspiration due to her hopefulness even in hard times. 

Top  books of Kit’s Story, written by Valerie Tripp


  • Meet Kit, Sep-2000    
  • Kit Learns a Lesson, Sep-2000    
  • Kit’s Surprise Sep-2000    
  • Happy Birthday, Kit!, Sep-2001    
  • Kit Saves the Day, Aug-2001        
  • Kit’s Tree House, Mar-2003    

Rebecca Rubin (1914)


She immigrated to the Lower East Side of New York City in 1914 with her grandparents. She was interested in becoming an actress, but her family was not in her favor. She always helped her poor family, even though they were not happy with her decision.

No doubt She was inspired by American culture, but she always celebrated her religious festivals as a Jewish, a first historical character. Being a writer of Rebecca Rubin’s Story, Jacqueline Dembar tried to explain issues of cultural tradition, religious behavior, and family issues of being a minority part of society. Rebecca’s story is an inspiration to teach children to stand with their family, religion, culture, tradition, and even no one in their favor. She was first Jewish.

Top  books of Rebecca’s Story by  Jacqueline Dembar Greene

  • Secrets at Camp Nokomis
  • A Bundle of Trouble
  • The Crystal Ball
  • A Growing Suspicion
  • The Showstopper

Samantha Parkington (1904)


Samantha Parkington became part of American Girls Doll in 1989. Her story starts with a five-year-old orphan girl whose parents are killed in a boating accident. She spends most of her time with her friend, a poor servant girl named Nellie O’Malley. Her story included the topics of child labor, classism, and women’s suffrage. The writer shows how she had a kind heart and had faith in humanity.

Top books of Samantha  Story

  • Meet Samantha: An American Girl by Susan S. Adler
  • Samantha Learns a Lesson: A School Story by Susan S. Adler
  • Samantha’s Surprise: A Christmas Story Maxine Rose Schur
  • Happy Birthday, Samantha!: A Springtime Story Valerie Tripp

Addy Walker (1864)


The American Girl Doll introduced Addy Walker in 1993, a story that reminds us of the era of the American Civil War. The writer built a powerful narrative to show her slavery in a black family. Her story is about the brutality of society toward their family. Just because they were black, her family members sold out. As Addy was a slave character, just because her story faced criticism, some people thought this was an inappropriate topic to share with children.

Top books of Addy Walker Story by

  • Meet Addy by Connie Rose Porter (1993)
  • Addy Learns a Lesson by Connie Rose Porter (1993)
  • Addy’s Surprise by Connie Rose Porter (1993)
  • Happy Birthday, Addy! by Connie Rose Porter (1994)
  • Addy Saves the Day by Connie Rose Porter (1994)
  • Changes for Addy by Connie Rose Porter (1994)


The world is changing day by day due to modern technology, and children like to spend time with gadgets, but children’s dolls are also always interesting characters to play with. Stories related to these dolls are beneficial in teaching moral values to children. Children always get inspiration from accounts, whether they are fantasy or real. The American Girls Doll plays an important role in showing their culture and history through the characters of dolls. Check the above-given list and share American Girl Doll names if you ever spent your childhood with them or have any stories related to them.


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