DIY American Girl Doll Refrigerator
This is one of my favorite pieces ever!  It might be because once it was done my kids just loved it and played with it for hours.  I love the look of it as well.  Most American Girl Doll refrigerators are the old fashion style, which is also cute, but I like the modern look.  This has the two swing out doors, pull out bottom…

American Girl Dollhouse Bench
This is such a cool concept.  I wanted to build something to share for those of you who might not have room for a full size American Girl Dollhouse.  I also wanted to make it practical.  These plans are for a two bedroom condo for your American Girl Dolls.  Of course you can switch out the rooms as you please, but it doesn’t…

American Girl Bingo • FREE Bingo Cards
If you are planning an American Girl Birthday Party this is a great game to include!  It’s a classic and the printables were made to stick to the theme!  There are two ways you can use my printables.  The first way is to make this game an activity for the girls and then play the game.  This takes more…

Jul 15 2014

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American Girl Game • Pin the Crown on the Doll
If you are planning an American Girl Party you need to be prepared with a few games.  Pin the Crown on the Doll is fun because it’s just a twist on the old fashioned party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
To create this game I just downloaded a picture of an American Girl Doll and uploaded it to VistaPrint….

American Girl Wall Art
This DIY tutorial is really just a guideline on how I created my american girl dollhouse wall art.  You can create your decorative pieces however you want!  This should just give you a good idea on where to start.  I like how inexpensive it is to make American Girl Wall Art! I love making this out of leftover items that would normally…

American Girl Vanity Stool
This DIY Vanity Stool project is meant to go hand in hand with Part 1.  Make sure you read that post first, then come here to make the matching American Girl Vanity Stool.
I love how easy and inexpensive this vanity stool was to build.  It took me only 30 minutes to complete the stool part of the project!  I love quick projects!

American Girl Bathroom Vanity
I absolutely love how this vanity turned out! My doll needed a place to paint her nails and do her makeup, and this is the perfect thing!  I split this DIY project into two parts because I didn’t want anyone to get confused on the cut list.  This way it’s easier to follow two separate posts when creating your perfect American…

DIY American Girl Doll Gymnastics Floor Mat
Do you love gymnastics like I do?  Check out the entire American Girl Gymnastics series below!  Do you have your own masterpiece?
Part 1: American Girl Doll No-Sew Leotard
Part 2: American Girl Doll Floor Beam
Part 3: American Girl Doll Balance Beam
Part 4: American Girl Doll Practice Bar
Part 5: American Girl Gymnastics Mat

American Girl Incline Mat
This American Girl Incline Mat is a fun project for everyone. It also is inexpensive and super easy.
Be sure to check out the entire American Girl Gymnastics Series if you haven’t already!  The links are below.
Part 1: American Girl Doll No-Sew Leotard
Part 2: American Girl Doll Floor Beam
Part 3: American Girl Doll Balance Beam

American Girl Dollhouse
If you have an American Girl Doll, or any 18″ doll, it’s nice to have a place to store all the things you accumulate for the doll.  It’s also fun to have a place where you can play with your dolls.  This American Girl Dollhouse is nice because not only does it have four rooms to play in and decorate, it has storage cubbies,…

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