American Girl Game • Pin the Crown on the Doll

Posted on Jul 15 2014 – 10:43pm
by Rudy

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American Girl Game • Pin the Crown on the Doll

If you are planning an American Girl Party you need to be prepared with a few games.  Pin the Crown on the Doll is fun because it’s just a twist on the old fashioned party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

To create this game I just downloaded a picture of an American Girl Doll and uploaded it to VistaPrint.  I created a 2’x3′ poster and it came to about $12 shipped.  Plan ahead and have this shipped and ready to go before the party date!

The next thing I needed was hats to pin on the dolls head.  I found these cute foam crowns at the Dollar Tree and they were the perfect size.

To make this game even more fun, I had the crowns sitting around the party table for when the guests arrived. I had several craft items sitting out at the table so the girls could decorate their crowns when they came in.  This is really nice because it gives the guests something to do as everyone arrives.  Check out the pictures below to give you an idea on what you can use!

Materials Needed:

Poster of American Girl

Foam Crowns or Party Hats (These can also be made from card stock)

Two sided tape to pin the hats on

Glitter Glue




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