American Girl Books Tutorial
To make sure your 18″ doll has enough reading material, follow this tutorial and you can make an endless supply of American Girl Books.
Materials Needed:
Card stock (Optional)
Mod Podge 
Sponge Brush
Step 1:
Get three sheets of plain white paper and fold them in half.  Once the paper has a crease in it, cut…

American Girl Adirondack Chair Tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn how to make an American Girl Adirondack Chair.  Once you learn how easy it is, you’ll make one for every 18″ doll you own!  My daughters love playing with their dolls outside in the sun!
Shopping list:
2 – 1×2 @ 8 feet
1 1/4’’ Screws (Kreg Jig coarse)
Wood Glue

Daisy is the beautiful model above from the Our Generation Line.
American Girl Bean Bag Chair
Make sure your doll has a nice comfy place to read while you read.  I love getting cozy in a bean bag chair, don’t you? That’s why it’s so important to make your 18″ doll an American Girl Bean Bag Chair as well!  In this tutorial you will learn how…

American Girl Mattress Tutorial
Once you have made this Awesome Doll Bed for your American Girl Doll, be sure to make it comfy!  Your doll doesn’t want her bed to be hard as a rock.  This project is simple and easy to make.  I just used what I had on hand to make it, so there was no need to run out to the store.
Materials Needed:
Scrap Fabric
Buttons (Optional)

The model above is Shannon from Our Generation
American Girl Swimsuit Tutorial
It’s nice to beef up the wardrobe of your 18″ dolls.  But sometimes adding outfits can be costly.  That’s why it’s nice to do a few DIY projects to fill in what is missing in your dolls closet.  My dolls were missing swimsuits for those hot days.  And if they…

American Girl Lamp Tutorial
Right now I am in the process of filling up the rooms for my daughter’s American Girl Dollhouse.  I want to give it as many things as you would find in a normal home without having to buy everything brand new at the crazy expensive prices.  Most of my projects for this journey use materials I already have on-hand.  Keep in mind,…

American Girl Chandelier
Furnishing your dollhouse can expensive.  Unless you are willing to unleash your crafty side and have a little fun creating props for it yourself!  I was looking for an American Girl Chandelier to put in my daughters American Girl Dollhouse, but everyone I found was ridiculously priced.  I decided to make a replica of a few I did find….

American Girl Rug
I am working on completing a bedroom for my daughter’s American Girl Doll.  It’s slowly coming together piece by piece.  I’m not complaining though, it’s been fun for the both of us!  This tutorial is so quick and easy, you’ll want to add a cute rug to every room!  I went to Joann’s Fabric store and was excited…

How to make American Girl Doll Curtains
Materials Needed:
1 Wooden Dowel (I used 1/4 inch)
Paint of your choice
2 small cup hooks 
 Step 1:
Spray paint your wooden dowel the color you want.  I choose white, but black or brown would look nice depending on the scheme you’re going for.  I would make sure the color matches the cup hooks.  You can always paint…

American Girl Bed
Every American Girl Doll needs a place to lay her head at night!  This is an easy project and your American Girl Doll lover will be so excited.  This project will cost you around $5-$7 to make not including the bedding.  I’ll save the bedding for another post.
The idea for this bed originated from the Doll Farmhouse Bed on….

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