Ruthie Smithens | American Girl Doll


Ruthie American Girl Doll, introduced as the fifth character in the line of ‘Best Friends’,In 2008. This doll was launched to promote the concept of friendship and its real-life significance. In the storybook, the writer tells the story of Ruthie, a historical character who loves fairy tales and happy endings. Her narrative mirrors a fairy … Read more

American Girl Christmas Celebration Bundle


American Girl Christmas Celebration Bundle is an engaging and instructive toy set for children aged 6 and older. It features a Christmas Party Sweater and an American Girl Advent Calendar. The set focuses on teaching about winter clothing, the importance of healthy eating habits and practicing good manners. The addition of the Advent Calendar creates … Read more

American Girl Doll Store Locations


American Girl Dolls and storybooks play important roles in sharing a glimpse of American culture and history. Young children spend time with dolls and listen to stories of real-world characters, keeping these in mind for a long time and gaining inspiration. In this life of technology, parents don’t have much time for children; they can’t … Read more