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American Doll Nickname That You Always Wanted to Know


American Girl Dolls nicknames are more familiar than real ones, these names are given due to various reasons. Each nickname reflects personal connection, people have with their dolll. Girls like Kit Kittredge, Addy Walker and Josefina Montoya, have unique recognition in American history. People use American girl dolls to inspire their children by these characters who teach to empower girls and to get ready to face any problem. 

Why People Use Nicknames For Dolls

American girl dolls are launched to share experiences and stories of real girls from specific historical periods. These dolls are used as educational tool for children who may learn moral values from these characters. It’s a little difficult for young owners to learn the real names behind these girl dolls. For their compliance these are given nicknames, easy to learn for Young minds and turned all pages of whole stories associated with these doll.

Here are some reasons why people use nicknames for american girl dolls names:

Easy To  Pronounce:

Some doll names are lengthy and challenging to call, especially for younger children. Nicknames are often used to simplify the name to remember with stories.

It Shows Owner’s Affection and:

Nicknaming girl dolls shows the owner’s affection for dolls and how they are personally attached to these impressive characters of American history. 

Cultural and Regional influence:

Some dolls are nicknamed just due to their cultural or regional influence. By their nickname you may imagine their culture and belongings.

Reflection of Quality and Craftsmanship:

AG Dolls are popular due to the quality material and theme associated with these dolls, so some dolls are named on the quality of the doll. 

To Show Love With Siblings: 

Some young owners keep dolls’ names on the behalf of their own siblings or friends.

Mostly this happens when they have multiple dolls or play together in a group.

They use the doll’s name by comparing the character of the doll with their siblings or friends. In this way they learn to do comparisons between identical.

Beneficent in Storytelling and Imagination: 

American Girl dolls often become part of imaginative play and storytelling to entertain children. Nicknames can be integral to the storytelling process, creating unique narratives for each doll. Children recall whole stories just by their nicknames.

Ruthie Smithens

Tradition and Family Legacy: 

Sometimes doll nicknames may be passed down through generations as tradition. This shows owners of sentimental value to the doll’s name.

List of American doll with nicknames

Here is a list of all american doll with their nicknames:

Sr. No.Doll NameFull Name of GirlNickname 
1KayaKaya’aton’my (She Who Arranges Rocks)Kaya, Magpie
2Felicity MerrimanFelicity MerrimanLissie
3Elizabeth ColeElizabeth ColeLizzie
4Caroline AbbottCaroline AbbottCare
5Josefina MontoyaMaria Josefina, Montoya Romero
6Marie-Grace GardnerMarie-Grace Rousseau GardnerTi-Marie, Grace, Marie-the-Great
7Cécile ReyCécile Amélie ReyCécé
8Kirsten LarsonKirsten Larson
9Addy WalkerAduke WalkerAddy
10Samantha ParkingtonSamantha Mary ParkingtonSam
11Nellie O’MalleyMiss Nellie O’Malley-All-Mended

Nellie-Girl (pejorative from Uncle Mike)

12Rebecca RubinRebecca RubinBeckie
13Claudie WellsClaudie Mae Wells
14Kit KittredgeMargaret Mildred KittredgeKit, Squirt
15Ruthie SmithensRuth Ann SmithensRuthie, Goofy Ruthie
16Nanea MitchellAlice Nanea Mitchell
17Molly McIntireMolly Jean McIntire
18Emily BennettEmily Bennett
19Maryellen LarkinMaryellen LarkinEllie, Sport (by Dad)
20Melody EllisonMelody Elizabeth EllisonDee-Dee, Baby Chick
21Julie AlbrightJulie Marie AlbrightAlley Oop,Jules

Cool Hands Albright,


22Ivy LingIvy LingPoison Ivy
23Courtney MooreCourtney Deborah MooreCourt
24Isabel HoffmanIsabel Jane Hoffman
25Nicki HoffmanNicki Pearl HoffmanTricky Nicki (Shredward),Nellie-Girl (pejorative from Uncle Mike)
26Tenney GrantTennyson EvangeliTenney
27Logan EverettLogan Everett
28Z YangSuzanne YangSuzie, Pumpkin
29Evette PeetersEvette PeetersEvie
30Maritza OchoaMaritza OchoaItza
31Makena WilliamsMakena Lilias Cook WilliamsKay
32Lindsey BergmanLindsey Bergman
33Kailey HopkinsKailey Hopkins
34Marisol LunaMarisol Luna
35Jess McConnellJess Akiko McConnell
36Nicki FlemingNicki FlemingSnicker
37Mia St. ClairMia St. Clair
38Chrissa MaxwellChrissa Marie Maxwell
39Sonali MatthewsSonali Matthews
40Gwen ThompsonGwen Thompson
41Lanie HollandLanie Holland
42Kanani AkinaKanani Akina
43McKenna BrooksMcKenna Brooks
44Saige CopelandSaige Copeland
45Isabelle PalmerIsabelle PalmerIz,Izzy
46Grace ThomasGrace Thomas
47Lea ClarkLea ClarkCricket
48Gabriela McBrideGabriela McBride
49Luciana VegaLuciana VegaLuci, Lulu, Lucita, Astro-Luci
50Blaire WilsonBlaire WilsonSprout
51Joss KendrickJocelyn Elizabeth Kendrick
52Kira BaileyKira BaileyBean (late father)
53Corinne TanTan Mei-Ling / Corinne Mei-Ling TanCori
54Gwynn TanTan Guang / Gwynn TanGwynnie
55Kavi SharmaKavika Sharma


Giving a doll a nickname is such a sweet reflection of the love and creativity that comes from its owner. It’s all about that personal touch, isn’t it? There’s no rule book for these things – sometimes a name just sticks because of a quirky trait or a shared moment. Girl dolls are widely called with nicknames and some are called by their full names. There is no specific rule to grant nickname to girl doll but mostly it is based on convention and may vary from person to person. You may share your dolls nickname if you ever purchased for you as a kid or for your kids.