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I am excited to do a guest feature of a very talented lady.  She makes American Girl Doll food from Polymer clay and her work is amazing!  She has been so gracious to share some of her tips with us AND give us a full tutorial on how to make a polymer clay cake.  I did a review on some of her items in the video below and you can enter the giveaway to win the doll cake or sweet treats through the video.

I dabble into polymer clay here and there, but sometimes I would just rather enjoy someone else’s work.  If you are like me please visit Felicia’s Kitchen where you can choose from several different doll foods.  Also, be sure to “LIKE” Felicia’s Kitchen on Facebook so you can see any new foods there first! AND, check out Grace’s Bio below.  It will inspire you!

Tools needed:

  1. Cookie Cutter – circle or square, no more than 3.5 inches in diameter
  2. Dotting tool or toothpick
  3. Clay slicers or blade or knife (take note that once items are used for polymer clay, it cannot be reused for food)
  4. Zigzag scissors or blade


  1. Mix the colors of your choice and condition the clay well
  2. The better brands are PREMO and FIMO
  3. I use a mixture based on the color that I want
  4. Icing – 50% White and 50% Translucent
  5. Cake – 90% White and 10% tan (or color of choice)
  6. “Fondant” and decorations – any color – I prefer to use pearls as they have a shimmer


Step 1:

Roll out your cake approximately ¼ inch, cut two or three circles using your cookie cutter.

Step 2:

Roll out your icing approximately 1/8 inch, cut one or two circles using the same cookie cutter as your cake.

Step 3:

Stack your cake and icing together, gently pat the layers together.

Step 4:

Roll out the fondant in a very thin sheet that is larger than your cake stack, place it on top of your cake.

Step 5:

Work the fondant and press it against the cake, ensuring that you have no bubbles.

Step 6:

Using scissors or a blade, trim off the excess.

Step 7:

Roll out another thin sheet of your fondant place your cake on top of this sheet. Trim and press to ensure that the fondant is fully attached to the cake.

OPTIONAL – place your creation in the fridge – this allows it to be firmer and you can slice your cake without any smearing

Decorating your cake:

Step 1:

Using pattern scissors or blade, cut a piece that will be your cake trim. Wrap it around the bottom edge of your cake.

Step 2:

Using different miniature cutters, cut out different colour clay and attach it to the top of your cake.

Step 3:

Cut your cake into your desired number of pieces.

Texturing the cake:

Step 1:

Using a dotting tool or a toothpick, drag your tool against the cake in a circular motion, do not go too deep.

Bake according to your clay package

Seal with glaze and you are done!

In the Video:

Watch & Enter the Giveaway!

From Grace:

My love affair with Polymer clay began last year, around the same time as our discovery of our love for All things American Girl! There are few options for food and accessories in Canada, so my niece and I pretty much made everything ourselves. Our first doll was Felicia (MYAG #47, Sonali look-alike) and because my niece Taty and Felicia were constantly asking for different types of food, we ended up naming our bakery Felicia’s Kitchen. My doll food store is now named Felicia’s Kitchen. At first, polymer clay is so intimidating, I remember it took me two hours to condition clay to make 4 sticks of french bread! Well, I would have quit right there and then but after baking I was so in love with the finished product. It is durable and I have to say almost indestructable! I watched endless amounts of online tutorial, with my faves being SugarCharmShop and Toni Ellison…they really gave me the basics on miniatures. I have been working with clay for about a year now and my love has not dissipated one bit. i tell beginners all the time, buy basics, red, white, brown and pink, make a cookie, make a donut……and you are done…. One creation is all it takes and you will be a pro in no time.

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    1. Elizabeth Stofleth
      August 26, 2015 at 4:03 am –

      I know I’m late but my favorite items are the customs that Grace helped me get for my daughter. “Elsa” donuts and Lattes :*

    1. Clare I
      August 23, 2015 at 3:57 pm –

      I bought the spaghetti for my niece. It’s so realistic, even down to the texture! The pizza looks so yummy too!

    1. Jeanna W
      August 21, 2015 at 10:19 am –

      Wow! Everything on her Etsy page looks wonderful that it is so hard to choose a favorite! I absolutely love the strawberry shortcake & the lemon bars.

      Thanks for the tutorial post, I may just give polymer clay another try.

    1. Deanna Morton
      August 21, 2015 at 9:30 am –

      I love all of Grace’s food!
      The celery with peanut butter is a good way to get kids eating healthier bc their dolls eat it, but who could pass up the bacon or birthday cake???

    1. Mylena
      August 21, 2015 at 7:15 am –

      Love everything in Felicias Kitchen, she does an amazing job. My favorite is the corn dogs and ice cream in the waffle bowls.

    1. Stephanie
      August 21, 2015 at 6:35 am –

      I’ve ordered food from Felicia Kitchen! It is FABULOUS! Grace puts so much detail and effort into each piece. By far the best polymer clay food artist I have seen.
      The pizza and guacamole with chips are my fave!!

      You won’t be disappointed!

    1. Isabella
      August 21, 2015 at 6:15 am –

      Hey Rudy I just went to felicias Kitchen and my mouth just dropped after seeing everything I decided that my favorite is the lasagna! The lasagna was so detailed it looked real.

      Thank You, Isabella

    1. Grace (Felcia’s Kitchen)
      August 21, 2015 at 4:36 am –


      Thank you for this picture and the etsy plug! I hope that your readers will gain some new techniques!

    1. Carol S.
      August 21, 2015 at 4:21 am –

      Thank you for this tutorial. I can’t wait to get started, my thoughts are spinning right now. So many possibilities and ideas of foods I plan to make.