Do you have a little Cowgirl in the house?  Learn how to make an American Girl Horse Stable in this post. It’s simple and will cost around $10-$15 to make!

I will say this is not just for the girls.  My son loves playing with this Horse Stable, and so do his friends.  He is only four, but boys like horses too right?!

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Shopping list:

4 – 1×2 @ 8 feet – There will be leftovers
1 – 3/4’’ x 24’’x 48’’ – Plywood or MDF
4 – 3/4’’ hinges  
1 1/4″ Screws (kreg jig coarse)
Wood Glue

Cut list:

Front studs 3 – 1×2 @ 21 3/8’’ long point measurement, top end is cut @ 15 degrees off square
Back studs 3 – 1×2 @ 16 3/8’’ long point measurement, top end is cut @ 15 degrees off square
Side/Middle fencing  6 – 1×2 @ 20’’
Back Fencing 2 – 1×2 @ 24 1/2’’
Top Supports 2 – 1×2 @ 10 3/8’’
Top/Bottom doors 4 – 1×2 @ 10 1/8’’
Side of doors 4 – 1×2 @ 2 3/4’’
Flooring 1 – 3/4 plywood or MDF @ 24’’ x 20’’


Tape Measure
Kreg Jig
Circular Saw or Compound Miter Saw
Hearing Protection
Safety Glasses
Countersink Drill Bit

**Click on the picture to enlarge it and read the instructions on each one**

Step 1:

Apply glue to each stud, then screw into place.

 Step 2:

Attach each piece of fencing with glue and screws/nails. I did not use any pocket holes on the fencing.  From the floor to the bottom of the first fencing is 2″.  The two rows are 2 1/2″ apart.


Step 3:

Attach supports with pocket hole screws. Make sure supports are flush with studs. Notice that the two inner pocket holes are staggered.

Step 4:

Place the roof on so that it is flush with the back studs and there is an overhang on the sides of 1 1/2”.

Step 5:

I put the pocket holes on the front for instruction purposes only.  The pocket holes are supposed to go on the back of the door.  There are four pocket holes per door.  I added the center bar, feel free to incorporate your own design. Please post a picture when you’re done!

Now you can paint your masterpiece!

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    1. Annette
      June 6, 2016 at 9:08 am –

      What is the cut size for the roof. I am not sure that I saw it in the cut list. Did you use the 3/4″ plywood?

    1. Eddy
      April 24, 2016 at 7:59 pm –

      Made two of them! So easy lowes sells the plywood already cut to the perfect size for the top and the base is just going to require a slight trim. Only thing I still haven’t been able to do is get the gates square. I feel like the pocket screws in such a short piece aren’t the best choice.

    1. Laura
      July 1, 2015 at 10:57 am –

      that is so cool!!! I also want to buy the our generation horse stable in target but it costs too much. I am going to try and do it!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

    1. Debbie
      January 23, 2015 at 11:23 am –

      oh my goodness! I just saw this! What an awesome, easy, inexpensive idea. Definitely going to have to make this for my DD. She is always asking for the Target Our Generation one and I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on it!