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This pop tart I made out of Sculpey Oven Baked Clay and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. This did not take too long to make at all. The inspiration from this craft came from my kids! They love Pop-tarts! I used a wavy rectangular clay cutter from Sculpey to cut out the shapes and a small knife for the sprinkles. First you need a tan color of clay. Roll it out until it is about 1/4 inch thick. Use the cutter to cut out the rectangle. Next slightly flatten the tan piece a little more making it bigger than the cookie cutter. Next cut out a pink piece of clay using the same cookie cutter. I made this piece a little thinner when I rolled it out. Now put the pink icing on top of the tan piece. Next I made sprinkles. I simply rolled out a thin piece of yellow, pink, and purple clay and cut small lines for sprinkles. Next I baked everything. It only took 5 minutes for the sprinkles and 15 minutes for the pop tart. Once cooled I used Dimensional magic to glaze the top of the pink and put on the sprinkles. Allow to dry and you are all done!

Brag By: Chrissy Tomalinas