Doll Purse

Posted on Jun 18 2015 – 8:29am

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This craft was my own idea. I found the coin purse at a yard sale for a quarter and thought it would make a cute purse for our doll, Grace. The supplies you need are a coin purse, three strands of ribbon cut to 16 inches, Needle, thread, and scissors. In my coin purse, there was a small opening at the beginning of the zipper. I pulled my ribbon through that opening. So that it didn’t not interfere with the zipper. Tie a knot in one end of the three strands of ribbon. Sew that end into the purse. Now braid the pieces together. Then tie a knot in the other end. Next take the ribbon and sew it into the other side on the inside of the purse. That’s all there is too it! You could also just use a thick piece of ribbon if you didn’t want the braided look. The choices for coin purses are endless! Have fun!

Brag By: Chrissy Tomalinas