I first received a request for this post last year and it’s been on my ‘to do list’ ever since.  Well, the request has grown stronger as more and more people have asked for the same thing so here it is!  It is a simple American Girl of The Year Bingo game and it can be played at birthday parties, slumber parties, play dates, or even just a family game night! I didn’t make several different cards this time, I just made a Bingo sheet that everyone can have, and then a printable of different GOTY dolls with GOTY accessories.  What makes this version fun is that everyone can cut out the GOTY images and place them wherever they want on the Bingo card.  It’s an extra activity before the game!

Materials Needed:

  1. GOTY Bingo Card
  2. GOTY Bingo Cutouts
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue Stick

I highly recommend saving these files to a usb and then printing them somewhere like FedEx or Staples.  That way you can save your printer ink and it’s very inexpensive this way.

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  1. AGlover123 August 25, 2015 at 1:49 pm – Reply

    this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ag rules 101 April 17, 2016 at 8:32 pm – Reply

      I can’t wait to do it