Everywhere we go lately we see a slushie, snow cone, or Italian ice.  It’s summer and that means a yummy flavored ice treat is perfect to keep you cool. We made a fun American Girl Doll Slushie Machine so our dolls can have a yummy summer drink too! This is a fairly simple craft, the longest part is just letting the slushies fully dry. We also showed some amazing custom slushies from Mimi N Dooze and you can find the link to their shop down below. Top quality I assure you!

Mimi N Dooze Shop

Materials Needed:



  • When you make the slushie cups, you have to seal the inside of the cup (paper) BEFORE adding the slushie mix. If you don’t the slushie mix will leak through the cup causing it to stain. It just makes the cup look oily from the outside. I learned the hard way. ? No big deal though, just apply a coat of glue or mod podge to the inside of the cup.
  • For the ICEE brand we made three cup sizes. Small is the mini cork. Medium is the regular cork. Large is the communion cup.
  • The thicker you make the slushie mix, the easier it is to work with it and for the dome shape, curved tip, or swirl on top. If the mixture is too runny, it will just sink flat and give you a muffin top.
  • ICEE’s usually have a red straw. We didn’t have red on hand so we painted one with red nail polish and it worked perfect! No need to go get red if  you don’t have it. Just use what you have. Also, Slush Puppie normally white with the red swirl.
  • Do NOT fill up the round ICEE barrels (paint containers) full of slushie mix. Only put in enough to cover the front. That is all you will see. If you fill it up, one you don’t see it anyways and two it will be too heavy. Keep it as light as possible.
  • When doing this craft using the dimensional magic was my favorite. My crew could use it without making a mess and it wasn’t sticky. The resin works just as well and gives it a slightly more wet look, but it is sticky to work with and I didn’t want the crew (kids) mixing it and touching it. We did have to touch the slushies to make the dome tops.
  • We did mod podge the front of our slushie signs and cups. We just wanted to seal them so the print didn’t scratch off. If you don’t like Mod Podge, you can always laminate them OR cover the printables with packaging tape BEFORE applying them to the sign. This way you can cut any excess tape off and the back is still paper so a glue stick will work when putting them on.
  • If you don’t have the paint containers, you substitute the round eye shadow containers. If you use the eye shadow containers, you won’t have to cut holes through the box, you can just glue them to the front once the “slushie” mix is put in them.

Watch and tell us your favorite slushie flavor!

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      July 15, 2016 at 10:35 am –

      I loved this craft do you have to use foam board?

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      July 7, 2016 at 2:21 pm –

      Can you show as how to make a American girl dollhouse for ther doll????

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      July 5, 2016 at 6:36 pm –

      could you make an american girl year book next time

    1. gretsamocha
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      awesome! Next time can you try an american girl gymnastics set!!!! Hope to see your videos soon!!!!!

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      This is like the most ADORABLE thing EVERRRRRR!!!!

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      I haven’t been able to find the black beads. do you remember where you purchased them? thanks

    1. Ms. AGdoll
      June 16, 2016 at 4:13 pm –

      A group of doll bloggers are going to be having a summer doll camp! So if you liked Camp Doll Diaries, then go check it out!

      Here’s the link: https://happyhouseofag.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/potential-doll-camp/

      ~Ms. AGdoll~

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      Can you make a doll roo cup and a doll year book

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      Hey Rudy! What are the dimension of the box that you used? And also where do you think I could find dimensional magic? Thanks!!

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      Hey Rudy, guess what when I went to the American girl place in Chicago I got my doll’s ears pierced and we entered a contest to win tickets to the American girl white sox game and they say who wins today and my grandma will tell me if I won or not!!!!!!!!!
      DIY doll jewelry would be so cool

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      My favorite is cherry and please make doll felting kits

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      could you make a vending machine for candy or drinks?

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      Sorry I posted twice, didn’t know it sent

    1. The Craft Nook
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      Where did you get the silver metallic paper? I can’t find it anywhere.

        • Rudy
          June 15, 2016 at 8:22 am –

          We got it from Hobby Lobby. It’s not with the regular scrapbook paper, it’s with the specialty paper.

    1. The Craft Nook
      June 14, 2016 at 7:24 pm –

      Where do you get the reflecter paper?

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      June 14, 2016 at 4:07 pm –

      Blue raspberry or lemonade icees are the best! I am looking forward to making this for my dolls!! Will be the first thing I’ve made from your tutorial!

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      This is so CUTE!!! I will have to make it one day ?

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      Or can you use regular mod podge

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          I was wondering the same thing

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      That’s so cool can you please make a diy of volleyball equipment please

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      can you use water to mix with the sand?

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      first comment!