We love our Addy and just recently we took her original hairstyle down. The poof look is cute, but her hair has literally been knocking over everything in our doll scenes. It’s been funny. So, since we want to keep her around hanging out with the others in the scenes we set up, we decided to “tame” her hair. Caroline has also given us trouble with her hair, so we did the same for her as well. And now these two chicks are rocking the silky straight look! Watch the video below to learn how to straighten your doll’s hair.

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Materials Needed:

  • American Girl Brush
  • Flat Iron


  • Make sure your iron is on the lowest setting BEFORE you even turn it on. Do not turn it on while it’s on the highest setting.
  • Just like we showed in the video, I like to do a test first. Use an end piece from the middle of the head just to make sure everything is good to go.

Watch and tell us if you like the new transformation!