It’s safe to say that every six-year-old is a Taylor Swift fan right?  Which is why my daughter has fallen in love with the new hit Shake it Off.  Actually, both of my girls love Taylor’s beats and it’s so cute to hear them quietly singing them as they are playing.  Most of the time they are playing with their American Girl Dolls.  I guess that’s how this whole video came about.  Launa (my six year old) was playing dolls and asked me if we could make a video with her dolls and Shake it Off.  I casually said sure and “shook it off” as her just saying what was going through her imagination at the time.  Nope.  Wrong.  This little girl wanted to see her dolls perform the music video.  Once I realized Launa was serious and wouldn’t forget it until we tried, I got busy.  Honestly, I got excited when I watched the video to figure out what outfits we needed to put together for the dolls.  Because let’s face it, we never really grow up and playing dress up with dolls is always fun. It took a lot longer than I thought it would to put all the scenes together, but Launa wasn’t giving up!  And now that it’s done, here it is: