No Sew Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Apr 16 2020

No Sew Face Mask with Filter Pocket
After I uploaded the first face mask video I got many requests for a no sew version. I did a little trial and error with the design pattern and came out with something that should work for everyone! Please keep in mind that this version is not meant for healthcare workers like the last pattern. This is for personal use….

DIY Face Mask with Filter Pocket
My daughters and I have been making face masks for local healthcare workers. They are in desperate need. I’m sure our area is not the only one that needs more masks. This is a time where we can use our skills and resources to help our community. Also, our local grocery stores are requiring everyone that comes inside to…

DIY Hand Sanitizer Lysol Spray & Hand Soap for Dolls
With so many people staying at home and social distancing because of the Coronavirus, I have been receiving a lot of craft requests. The majority of them revolving around the current situation. So, let’s keep the doll world safe also by crafting hand soap, sanitizer and disinfectant spray! You…

DIY American Girl Doll Canned Food & Tuna Scoop on Lettuce
Yay for more doll pantry items! This paper craft is very simple using very few materials. However, be warned that it can be very time consuming! Especially if you like to roll your paper perfectly aligned like me!
*TIPS: I made several different widths for the cans to see which I liked better….

DIY American Girl Doll Clorox Wipes & Trash Bags for Spring Cleaning Craft
We have stayed at home now going on four weeks! (We started early) That means so much time to craft! At least, that’s what you’d think! We’ve been so busy with online schoolwork and regular house work that it seems like there hasn’t been much extra time for…

DIY American Girl Doll Surgical Face Mask with Printable Box
While the world is in disarray and we are all stuck at home, let’s do some extra crafting! Our doll hospital supplies are very slim. So, with everything going on I thought I would lighten the mood with a face mask craft. This is intended to be fun, so please don’t turn it into something…

DIY American Girl Doll Makeup Craft – Sephora Nail Polish, Tarte Shape Tape & Printables!
We have a Sephora store opening up in our area right down the road from us. I’m not much of a makeup girl, mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup. I actually would glam up more if I didn’t end up looking ridiculous…

DIY Baby Yoda Valentines Printable
It’s almost Valentine’s Day and what better card to give this year than a Baby Yoda! He is all the craze so I had to incorporate him in a craft. I really wanted one of my kids to do this in full size but they had their own ideas for their mailbox. So, I made a miniature version! I hope you and your dolls enjoy!

DIY Wall Calendar & Jewelry Stand with Printables
It’s a new year and every year we create a custom calendar perfect for your 18″ dolls. This years version is slightly different from the past ones. Instead of using individual doll pics on each month, it’s a simple one picture calendar. You can use the art work I provided as a printable…

American Girl of the Year Joss Shopping Vlog
I hope everyone had an amazing New Years Day! We started ours off on the right foot by attending the new Girl of the Year release at the Atlanta American Girl store. It was the first time ever doing this event at this location. The event felt different because the LA store is so different from the Atlanta sore….

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