American Girl Practice Bar

Posted on Jul 8 2014 – 3:21am
by Rudy

American Girl Practice Bar

My daughter loves gymnastics, so making her American Girl a gymnastics set with a practice bar has been very fun for the both of us.  I love making the set pieces and she loves posing the doll and taking pictures.  Right now I don’t know how many parts there will be to this series, but I do know that we are not done yet!  Check out what we’ve created so far:

Part 1: American Girl Doll No-Sew Leotard

Part 2: American Girl Doll Floor Beam

Part 3: American Girl Doll Balance Beam

 Shopping list:

1 – 1×2 @ 8 feet 
1 – 3/8’’ Dowel @ 10 1/2″ inches or longer (you can cut down to size needed)
Wood Glue
Kreg Jig
1’’ Kreg Jig Screws ( An 18 gauge nailer with 1 1/4’’ nails would
work too)
Lightweight Spackle

Cut List:

2 – Sides – 1×2 @ 13’’
2 – Feet – 1×2 @ 7’’
1 – Bottom Support – 1×2 @ 9’’
1 – Bar – 3/8’’ Dowel @ 10 1/4’’


Tape Measure
Kreg Jig or 18 Gauge Nailer
Miter Saw or Circular Saw
Hearing Protection
Safety Glasses
Sanding Block

Step 1:

Pre-drill the holes for the dowel to fit into.  They need to be 1/2″ deep and 3/8″ round.

Now take your bottom middle support that you have Kreg jigged and screw it into the left foot and the right foot.  If this sounds confusing, see diagram below.


Step 2:

Attach the left and right support posts by screwing them into the bottom supports.  You can nail it from the bottom and use wood glue.  I think it’s stronger if you use your Kreg Jig for this project.


Step 3:

Insert the wooden dowel.  I painted mine the color I wanted before inserting it.  Just use wood glue to keep it in place.


The finished project should look like this!  Sand it and paint it and it is ready for your doll to use!


AGD High Bar Picture


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