French Bakery by Riley’s Rustic Treasures

Posted on Dec 16 2015 – 7:18am
by Rudy

American Girl French Bakery

Since the American Girl French Bakery has been sold out, I have noticed more and more people just building their own.  That makes me so happy!  I worked really hard on these plans (How to make Grace’s French Bakery) way back in January and to be honest, there wasn’t much interest then.  However, in these last few months as Christmas draws closer, and of course since eBay prices are sky high, the DIY bakeries have come out of the wood works. Literally!  That’s why I’m eager to share with you Riley’s Rustic Treasures.  Even though many of you have built the bakery or found someone to build the bakery, I am still getting messages from those who can’t build or don’t know anyone who can do it for them.  Here is your answer!

In this guest featured post I am sharing the beautiful work done by Riley’s Rustic Treasures.  Even though it’s a little late to put in a custom order before Christmas, you can use Riley’s for future projects.  And, you can see his work here! He used the plans from AGI but also made a few of his own unique tweaks.  If you have a special request with Grace’s Bakery, he can adjust the plans to meet your wants.  Check out the awesome custom sign on the Bakery pictured above!

Riley’s Rustic Treasures

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Riley’s Rustic Treasures

Please check their Facebook page where you can see several of their past projects and hopefully they can help you out with your future ones!  I will have the plans for Lea’s Rainforest Hut out in January, so think ahead!

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