Doll sized Frozen Drinks

Posted on Aug 29 2015 – 10:26pm

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About This Project:

I made several different types of these drinks. The cups were extra Communion cups my parent’s church let them keep, but I know you can find doll sized cups other places. Next I had fabric paint around so I used the brown and the pink to fill the cups 3/4 (maybe a bit more.) I used a toothpick to evenly distribute the paint and pop air bubbles. I tapped the paint filled cup gently on the counter a few times to push air bubbles up. I had stirring straws (you can get these at coffee shops, fast food restaurants, or gas stations) and I cut it to the level I wanted. Then I pushed it into the paint. I let the cups dry for a few hours and then I added white paint for the “whipped cream.” Puff paint works the best for this. I swirled it around and then I used a toothpick to make sure it was even and moved around the straw, and sometimes I use it to put a swirl in the top. You can stop here if you wish and let it dry for 48-72 hours before playing. You can also add “chocolate drizzle” by taking a darker brown or brownish-black fabric paint and making a serpentine pattern on top of the white. Let that dry for a day or so.

You can find fabric paint at most craft stores or Walmart.

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