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This is a Doll Diaries craft ( They have many wonderful ideas and easy-to-follow tutorials. My daughter had to have this for her Jeep and Camper Van. Her favorite color is green so we used glittered foam. We did do a few things differently and we are sharing this here. We used adhesive backed foam where possible. We did not have thick foam on hand so we double or triple layered the foam where necessary. My daughter used clear tacky glue for all the parts that she did on her own. I helped when it came time to glue down items that required hot glue (handles)

We didn’t have a tea box – at least not one with the same dimensions. So we made a box to the dimensions specified from a cereal box out of our recycling bin. Before we assembled the box, we went ahead and lined the inside with thin white foam. The easiest way to do this is to cut rectangles to match each surface, shaving a little bit off the sides to account for the corners and touching edges. Be sure to glue the edges down well. We did not need to add a strip of foam to the top of the cooler bottom. The other variation for us was the top of the cooler. Instead of just 3 squares of foam for detail, we decided to add in cup holders and a tray. Here are the specifics. Make sure that your cup or water bottle can fit within these dimensions with a little room to spare before cutting. Cut 4 rectangular pieces of foam at least wide enough for your water bottle and long enough for 2. Trace around your cup or water bottle twice (2 cup holders) and cut out. Fit your cup or water bottle. Trim if needed. Once you are satisfied with the fit, trace onto the other 2 foam pieces. Cut out and match up 2 layers. Fit your cup or water bottle through both layers before gluing together. Place on the top of the cooler and glue. Repeat for the other cup holder. For the tray, simply cut 4 bars to fit the space between the cup holders, layer two together and glue down on each side.

This doll cooler fits quite nicely in the Our Generation Jeep and in the bottom shelf of the Our Generation Camper. With the cup holder and tray top, it is used as a camp table during doll play a lot.

Brag By: Elaine L.