The mini Fidget Cube was almost as highly requested as the fidget spinner! These things are crazy popular right now and you know our dolls always want to follow the trend. I thought about using a dice for the cube but then realized I couldn’t poke anything through it. A printable is nice because everyone can make it. If you don’t have a printer, look at the printable and trace a square on paper in the same pattern. It’s very easy to freehand this printable. Don’t forget the tabs.

Materials Needed:


  • Use a heavy card stock so your cube is sturdy.
  • Print on color paper to give your cube a color without having to paint it.
  • Get creative. If you don’t have the same buttons or beads I used, look around your house for other options!
  • You can stick the metal brad in before you fold the cube and open it so it doesn’t fall out of the cube. Or you can do what I did and glue it half way in. Either way, this piece is really cool since it moves like the joystick AND doubles as the part that will allow the pets to hold it in their mouths.

Watch and tell us what sensory items you would add to your cube!