I cannot say how excited I am to share this amazing DIY project with you.  Amanda from Amanda Medlin Photography created a replica of Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor and did a fantastic job.  Take a look at the details in this project.  From the marble counter, to the delicious treats, it is the best ice cream parlor I’ve seen yet!  And, I’m sure it cost a fraction of the real one.  Almost everything in this project was found at Hobby Lobby. Enjoy!  Please leave a comment below of what you think of Amanda’s fabulous work!  We want to see more projects like these! Here is where the brainstorming began.  You can see that as the project progressed, a few things changed along the way.

The lamp is adorable.  The clear tube pictured once contained little beads.

The menu is a download that was found online, framed in an elegant wallet-sized silver frame. The cash register can be found on Amazon. It’s a pencil sharpener! The banana split came from an OG kitchen set, and was placed down inside the crystal relish dish to make it extra fancy.  The bar stool is made from a candle stick, cork circles, and a candle sleeve placed upside down.

The treats you see are a combination of handmade, AG, and dollar bin Target scores. The crystal pieces were picked up at a yard sale and used to hold relish and marmalade. The spoons are available at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section. They’re actually charms. Cute!

Here’s a look inside the soda fountain (a jewel box with a magneted lid) so you can see how Amanda affixed the soda handles. They’re drawer pulls. So creative.

Another view of the soda fountain/ice cream freezer. It was made using a combination of wooden pre-assembled pieces, foam core and paper mache. Everything you see, with the exception of the lamp, can be found at Hobby Lobby. Gray marble surfaces are textured scrapbook paper, decoupaged onto the piece. Pink marble is actually painted on, using a thick swirl of three different colors of craft paint, then sealed in decoupage. The background is just a mirror and stickers were added on.

And it’s complete!  What do you think?  Leave your comment below and be sure to check out Amanda’s awesome photography page.