To give you some background on this project that my daughter and I did together, we purchased the Our Generation Inflatable sleeping bag set and loved it.  As pictured below, it came with a nice cushy sleeping bag, a journal, a flashlight, a yummy bowl of popcorn, and a DVD.  My daughter and I were playing with the popcorn and DVD one day and we both thought it would be fun for the dolls if they could have a sleepover with multiple DVD choices.  Of course, if the girls are going to watch movies, they need a TV to watch them on!

Our Generation Inflatable Sleeping Bag

My first thought was to craft one.  So I headed out to Michaels craft store to see what I could find.  When I got there I was discussing this project with a store worker and she suggested I get the pedestal picture frame!  How brilliant.  Not only is it the perfect size, but you can interchange the movie scenes you want to have playing.

American Girl TV American Girl TV

I also love the chevron pattern it comes with.  It looks just like a static page!  These were priced at $2 and I had a 40% off Michael’s coupon that brought it down even more.

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    1. Allison
      December 18, 2014 at 8:10 am – Reply

      wow two dollars that is a really good price I wish I lived by a michaels