I have to admit that I’m a big fan of party treats that match the theme of a party.  Oh, and that I absolutely LOVE throwing a themed party!  My oldest is 6, I have three kids, we have celebrated every birthday AND I have done some random play date parties.  I just love the challenge of crafting together a party.  I have a ton of pictures form past parties, even though they are not all American Girl themed, you might enjoy them.  Hummm, maybe I will do a post of those just to share the ideas!

Back to American Girl.  Honestly, American Girl birthday parties can be great.  When I first started thinking of an American Girl party I thought it was going to be difficult to put things together, but then as I started brainstorming, the ideas started flowing.  All you have to do is take old fashion birthday ideas and tweak them a bit!  So, the first treat I want to share with you is the rice Krispy treats.  A little secret, I had every intention of running to Target and grabbing the rice Krispy treat sheets.  I’ve seen them before, but it might have been around Christmas time.  Unfortunately, they must be a holiday thing because I couldn’t find them anywhere.  Bummer.  So, I had to make them from scratch.

You can find the Rice Krispy Treat recipe HERE.  I also had two different size star cookie cutters.

I’m sure you can do these treats without using the sticks, but they look so darn cute on a stick!

And don’t forget to have a cute helper on your counter!  Before I used the cookie cutters on the Rice Krispies, I had to let them sit overnight to harden up.  They were too soft on the first day.  The second day they worked perfectly and they were still so yummy!  Also, when you are spreading them on the pan, make sure to pack them TIGHT!  Otherwise, they will fall apart easy once you use the star to cut them out.

I used two different sized star cookie cutters.

I first put them together without the pink frosting.  Then, after looking at it I didn’t think it was party presentable, so I added the yummy frosting.  Tastes better and looks better!  I used a styrofoam cylinder in the center of the vase and wrapped it with tissue paper to hide it.  Then, I just stuck the sticks into place!

Follow Your Inner Star!

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      Great treats, I also like them with pink frosting. Very cute. U should totally post some past birthday pics. Are u on Pinterest????