I should be honest, usually by Cyber Monday my shopping is complete.  Especially since it seems like stores are doing deals earlier and earlier every year.  I mean, Target has been doing a toy deal a day!  So, I really don’t NEED anything, but it’s always fun to stalk the sales.  Hey, you never know right?!  It could be that one thing you, ahem, your daughter has always wanted but you never wanted to pay full price for.  So with that said, check out the American Girl Cyber Monday sales below.  If you have found a good sale somewhere else, share by leaving a comment.

Also, be sure to use this code if you hit the $100 threshold.  $10 off $100 order code: 179780

Kit Mini Doll is on sale for $12!  That’s a great deal.  They also have several other mini dolls to choose from for $12.

All foil star shirts are only $1!  Grab a bunch!

Weekend Fun Outfit regularly $30, on sale for $15!

This is one of my favorites.  Cozy Sweater Outfit was $28, on sale for $14.

Josefina’s Table & Chairs.  It was $90, now it’s $54.

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