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My daughter was so excited when the new AG swimsuits came out this spring. It was a long winter for us, and she was longing for summer not only for her but for her AG dolls. As a special suprise, we got her the floral spring set when it was on sale to celebrate the end of the school year. She is all about accessories and I found this great post on how to make a beach tote bag:

This worked perfect for us because for her birthday she received Duct Tape Fashions Set by Creativity for Kids that she had been longing to use. We used black foam that we had left over from previous project and followed the instructions provided. The only improvises that we made was we used two different duct tape styles, and we sealed all the edges to conceal the foam.

Grace is now ready for the beach. We’ll be making a second tote for her other doll Sarah, but we need to get the right colors first (according to my daughter) to match Sarah’s summer outfit. This was a great project to do together, enjoy!

Brag By: Yvette