American Girl Dollhouse
If you have an American Girl Doll, or any 18″ doll, it’s nice to have a place to store all the things you accumulate for the doll.  It’s also fun to have a place where you can play with your dolls.  This American Girl Dollhouse is nice because not only does it have four rooms to play in and decorate, it has storage cubbies,…

DIY American Girl Doll Gymnastics Practice Bar
My daughter loves gymnastics, so making her American Girl a gymnastics set with a practice bar has been very fun for the both of us.  I love making the set pieces and she loves posing the doll and taking pictures.  Right now I don’t know how many parts there will be to this series, but I do know that we are not…

 American Girl Party Invitations
To get the FREE printable American Girl Invitations, click on the name of the invitation above each picture.  Be sure to add your own party information and your party girl’s name.
Also, be on the lookout for more to come.  Do you want a different one?  Leave a comment to request a different style and American Girl Ideas will…

American Girl Bookshelf
Now that you have those cute little American Girl Doll books, you need a place to store them.  Don’t let them just float around or they will get lost.  And then what will your doll read when she wants to relax on a rainy day?  This tutorial will solve all your book clutter problems.
Shopping list:
1 – 1/2’’ x 2’…

DIY American Girl Doll Gymnastics Balance Beam
Since you have already made your American Girl Floor Beam and your doll has practiced on it, it’s now time to make her the real thing!  Just like the first beam you made, it is very simple.  Be sure to take a lot of pictures when your done of your doll doing her gymnastics moves.  It’s so fun to pose…

DIY American Girl Doll Gymnastics Floor Beam
Are you ready for part 2  of the American Girl Gymnastics series?  Since you have already made the leotard for your doll, you can now make the floor beam to go with it.  This is so simple and is a must have for your gymnastics collection.
My girls helped me paint our balance beam, and it turned out awesome!

American Girl Leotard
I am preparing a gymnastics series for your American Girl Gymnast!  My daughter loves gymnastics and has been wanting some pieces for her doll to play with.  Before you can play on anything, you must look the part.  That’s why part 1 of this series is making your doll a leotard.  It’s very simple and requires no sewing.

American Girl Skirt
This is a simple project that anyone can do.  it requires no sewing skills and the finished product is still adorable!    Check out the tutorial below and be sure to leave a comment if this post helped you.
Materials Needed:
14″ Eyelet Trim (I used 4″ wide)
Step 1:
Fold one end of the skirt in about an inch.  …

American Girl Coffee Table
Part 1: American Girl Doll Couch
Part 2: American Girl Doll Loveseat
Part 3: American Girl Doll Chair
Part 4: American Girl Doll Coffee Table
This is the last part of the living room series!  Your set will now be complete.  It is such an easy tutorial which is why I saved it for last.  Don’t forget to PIN this series on your Pinterest…

American Girl Chair
Part 1: American Girl Doll Couch
Part 2: American Girl Doll Loveseat
Part 3: American Girl Doll Chair
Part 4: American Girl Doll Coffee Table
You are almost done with the living room set series!   Just a few more pieces to add.  In this tutorial, you will learn the dimensions of the chair, and again it’s almost the same instructions as…

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