Our generation has released a new set called Under the Sea. They already have a doll set that comes with scuba shoes and a mask, but this is nice because if you don’t need an Our Generation doll, you can get this set for just the accessories. The Under the Sea set retails for $17.99 and can be found in Target stores. I haven’t seen it on the Target website yet, but it could pop up at any time.  In the video review you can see this set up close and we also did a side by side with the American Girl set Lea’s Beach Accessories which retails for $34.

Under the Sea Includes:

  • Swim Suit Top
  • Swim Suit Bottom
  • Snorkling Mask
  • Scuba Shoes
  • Bucket with Shells
  • Towel
  • 2 Shells
  • Starfish