Snack shack and candy counter

Posted on Jun 1 2015 – 10:24am

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I wanted to buy the snack shop for my 3 daughters but, way too expensive. So I thought maybe I could make one. I found a how to video on youtube by my froggystuff. I was looking for a photo box to use and just couldn’t find a cheap one so I got to thinking what else could I use and then it came to me foam board! I went to walmart found a double pack. pulled out the AG doll magazine to get the measurements of the snack cart. I then changed some of the measurements and mapped it all out. Then I got cutting using a box cutter and my quilting board. I covered the pieces in wall paper I got out of a wall paper book I picked up for free at Sherwin-Williams. If you go to any place that has wall paper books just ask them if they have any old ones they are throwing out. We use ours for all kinds of stuff (homework projects, AG projects, beautiful paper boxes the list goes on). One tip I have for applying the wall paper to the foam board, use a glue stick not liquid glue. The glues stick keeps it smooth and the liquid warps the board and the wall paper can wrinkle. I used straws for the hinges and handles. Hot glue to hold it all together. I have dowel rods I picked up from Joann fabrics and spray painted them silver. The sink is a fruit snack cup spray painted silver from underneath. Beads used for the faucet handles and the hook part of a silver plastic coat hanger for the faucet. I just used a piece of wall paper for the canopy hot glued on the edges to the dowel rods and it stays up because of the stiffness of the wall paper. I used blank letter beads for the numbers on the microwave and wrote the numbers with a fine tipped sharpie. My girls LOVE it. So after I made it I realized all the little candy jars I bought for the snack shop weren’t going to work or fit. So of course I had to make a candy counter. ? I again used foam board and wall paper to cover and also using measurements from the snack counter so they matched. I bought most of the candy jars from targets $1 section! The gumball machine you can get at Walmart during Christmas or Easter. (the sixlets that you can find in the cake isle now work perfect for them!) One of the jars just has colorful puff balls I found at Walmart. I used real mini candies for some of the jars. (mini m&m’s, mini york peppermints, mini starburst) I made the other candies. The one jar has plastic colored pacifiers from a baby shower. I kept them and they work perfect for ring pops and even fit on the pointer finger of the dolls! ? I REALLY loved making this project and it cost me under $15 to make that’s even with the real candy I bought. :)

Brag By: Michelle Cole