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Pastry Cart Materials/Instructions
· Cart base- followed Jenny Proctor Herrington’s tutorial found on this site – on the main pieces and dowels, painted with marble effect and silver edges
· Wheels- all turn
o 2 6” plexiglass circles- then drilled center hole- ebay
o 2 4” wood laser cut flower circles- painted silver- Michael’s
o 2 Small tubing- painted silver- Thrift store
o 1 3” plexiglass circle- drilled a center hole –ebay
o 2 ‘” wood laser cut flower circles- painted silver- Michael’s
o Large wheels secured with dowel and c hooks per Jenny’s tutorial
o Small wheel secured via two flat wood pieces that we cut out and drilled a center hole for dowel
· Decorative elements
o 6” S hooks- painted black- amazon
o 3” S hooks- painted black- amazon
o Wire ornament hooks- heavier than standard, painted black then doubled up for stability- already owned, but can be found on amazon
· Plexiglass shelf- 3”x2” cut at local hardware store- then drilled half circle to wrap around the dowel support and sanded the edges to curve. Glued on with super glue and added more ornament hooks for support
· Push bar- handle from Home Depot, added with L hooks per Jenny’s tutorial, painted red
· Scroll work on top- key hook set from Amazon- cut off hooks with dremel, then notched the dowel to fit the bottom securely, glued
· Wire heart- found on etsy, painted red
· Sign- printed and mounted to foam core, super glued on to frame
· Bread box 5”x2.5”x1.5”- made from plexiglass bought and cut at local hardware store and clear hinges (ebay)
· Bell- made from vintage plastic ornament, removed clapper, super glued in c hook, spray painted
· Menu board- made from wood tag from HomeGoods pack- filled in hole where string used to b, screwed in c hook and painted, printed “chalkboard” menu
· Shopping bags- made from scrapbooking paper and ribbon- Michael’s
· Boxes- clear 1.5” boxes bought on etsy, paper from a polka dot card for base, cut out circle for cupcake to rest in
o Red boxes- left over from past bday party- etsy- cut down and cut out circles and added clear film and labels
o Macaron box made from polka dot card
· Food- varies- Dollar Store lipgloss cupcakes, Our generation mini fruit tarts and macarons, Walmart cake stand, large fruit tarts and cake- etsy, macarons in box and bread made by me from clay
· Sales pouch- made from aqua fabric, made business cards and sales book cover, cut down to size

Brag By: Kara