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These simple Doll Crafts and Printables are a lot of fun to make for your dolls!  This is probably the most popular page on this website!  I love simple & easy doll crafts so much!  Printables are by far the easiest doll craft you can do for your American Girl Doll.  I really enjoy making these doll crafts to share with everyone and hope you enjoy these fun, free and easy doll crafts!

Every little girl has a princess dream and a soft spot for cute things. Dolls with cute appearances are one of their favorite items. They love everything about dolls, such as customized doll offset printed pins, worn on clothes or school bags, which can be regarded as a creative gift. GS-JJ can provide exquisite craftsmanship.


Thanks To Our Valuable User Bridgette to Recover These Printable Back:

Special Thanks To Elena Glitch Who shared the the PDF Files:

Here are the Link You May Check & Find YOur Favorite One:


Download Doll Printable Art Crafts Here:

Doll PrintablesDoll Printables
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  1. Hi I was wondering when this will be fixed? I’ve been checking back every other day and nothing is working still. I’m worried I’ll never get to make your crafts again.

    • Hi Josie, We are still trying to contact the web team. But still waiting from their response. Actually we have lost the crafts data which was saved in PDF. Still trying to recover it. I really appreciate you are comeback. Thanks again.

  2. Is the Georgia’s hot chicken printables,the ice cream sandwich,and spam printables going to be fixed,and available again? Thank you for your time. I really like these crafts and printables so I hope they can be fixed.

  3. Also the Starbucks four pack bottles,the lasagna,the cheese it crackers,the zebra cakes,the pop secret popcorn box & bags,the granola bars, smart water bottles,and the aunt Jemima pancake and syrup. Thank you!

  4. I’d love the kitchen cut list if someone has it. I’m so sorry about your website! Sending you all hugs and prayers that you can find all of your files! I’ll see what I’ve downloaded over the years and send it to you. I was looking for this website a couple of weeks ago and all I got was 404s, so I thought it was permanently down. Phew! I’m so glad you are still around.

  5. Oh, no! I thought I was just bad at finding the printables! How awful! I have the Dum Dum suckers ready to wrap, was so happy to find you hadn’t lost that one, and…the file won’t open. Any chance someone sent you another version of it that’s not corrupted? I will look and see if I had any files downloaded in the past. Good luck with recovery!

  6. I thought I posted a comment earlier but I don’t see it now. Anyways, I was just wondering where I could find the cat litter printable? Specifically the arm and hammer one. I can’t seem to find it anywhere! Thanks:)

  7. What happened to all your wonderful instructions to make the printable crafts? I appreciate all the terrific printables but I need the directions to bring them to life!

    • Hello Barbara, You can find them on YouTube if you search Totally Rudy, she does not do the tutorials anymore but you can still see all the ones she has done. 🙂


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