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This craft I created with our AG doll Grace in mind. There is no sewing involved. I knew I wanted to make a tutu but was unsure where to start so I looked online and found a tutorial on . That’s where I started. I changed the sizes and the elastic to simplify it. Supplies you need… black hair tie bands (pony tail holders), scissors, ruler, Tulle, and fabric. I used a spool of white glitter tulle , a spool of matte black tulle, pink and purple tulle by the bolt, and Paris fabric print. I found all my tulle and fabric at Joann’s. The black bands I got at A.C. Moore. I sure you can find them at other places just check the elasticity to make sure it will fit around your dolls waist. I then cut all the material into 12 inch long by three inch wide strips. Next I arranged them into the color combination that I wanted. Next take one piece of your ribbon and fold it in half (top to bottom). Make a loop near the top and slide it under the black band. Next take the ends of the ribbon and pull it through the loop. Pull tight. Repeat this process with the rest of your ribbon. I used a total of 24 pieces of ribbon to complete my tutu. I used 4 white, black, pink, and purple tulle, and 8 of the Paris fabric. You can use more or less depending on the look you are going for.

Brag By: Chrissy Tomalinas