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I created my dolls paris bedroom by taking a tri-fold board and adding polka dots and little Eiffel towers to make it look more fun and bright. I cut a rectangle for a window. I searched for paris posters on Google and right clicked them and printed them off. My bulletin board was made from a tutorial at The nightstand is a little hard to explain I used popsicle sticks and black foam and tried to make it look like a crate. The lamp was made from a Eiffel tower model. I glued cardboard to the bottom and from the top of the model slid a shish kabob stick that was cut down into the top of the Eiffel tower. I balled up some paper into a ball( you could use a Styrofoam ball) and glued to the top of the stick. I wrapped pretty paper around it for a lamp shade. For hooks to hang purses and hats on, I pushed a push pin into the cardboard.

Brag By: Rebecca