Lottie with Lunch Tray

Posted on Jul 25 2015 – 6:09pm

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Additional Photos:
About This Project:

Here is the Lunch Tray set I made using ideas from this blog.

I made the brownie from this tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6ho1aeqxGw

The chips are just thinly sliced yellow polymer clay

The carrots are also made from polymer clay. You just shape orange clay to look like carrots.

I made the cheese from polymer clay using white clay.

The burger is from the OG Love A Luau set.

The fork is from one of the OG lunch box sets.

I made the napkin using paper towel.

The straw is just a regular straw I cut down to size.

My sister made the table

The doll is MY AG Doll #25 from the recent Jills Steals Deals

The shirt and headband are from the AG Store in the Mall of America

I love this site and your fun ideas! Cant wait to make more fun things.

Brag By: Joanna Fedewa