July 4th Fireworks Stand – Using Printables & Old CD Tower

Posted on Jun 28 2015 – 7:52pm

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Additional Photos:
About This Project:

We used an old CD tower to make a roadside stand, by gluing wooden sticks to the top (for a counter). We also made shelves, by gluing the sticks to cardboard. Then we used the FREE PRINTABLES from https://www.americangirlideas.com/ to assemble ALL of the fireworks, boxes, banners and flag bunting. We made sparklers out of wooden kabob sticks, which we wrapped in glittery pipe cleaners. This project took 1 1/2 days and uses hot glue – so adult supervision was required.

Thanks to “American Girl Ideas” for this project – The Girls, Uniqua and Grandma had a great time! This was SO MUCH FUN!

Brag By: Darlene Dickinson (aka Uniqua BeSweet)