Lea’s Rainforest Hut made from Cardboard

Posted on Jan 18 2016 – 1:01pm

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Just to see IF a hut could be made from cardboard, I found a box about the size of the AG Hut, (it was the original shipping carton for Samantha’s Scenes and Settings!) and gathered other odds ‘n’ ends such as colored cardboard from Walmart displays, gift wrap tubes, brown kraft paper, scrapbook paper, glue, tape, craft paint, cheesecloth, printables from online, etc. Also had hubby gather some real reeds from a nearby swamp. Wish I’d taken photos as I went along, but didn’t think about it! I hope this will insprire others to make your own hut for Lea and save some money! I’ll try to answer any questions about details of construction if anyone wants to try it!


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