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Today I decided our doll needed some more breakfast foods. I made her bacon and eggs- one of my favorite dishes! The supplies are simply just Sculpey Oven Bake Clay in red, translucent, yellow and white. The tools I used were a rolling pin for clay and a knife to cut the bacon. First take a small amount of white and a small amount of translucent and mix then together thoroughly. Next make a small ball about the size of a dime and flatten it in between your fingers. I then placed the circle shape down and gently pulled out on it to make it look more like a fried egg shape. Next make a tiny yellow ball shape and gently press down on it. Don’t flatten it completely. You want it to be dome shaped. Then press it on to the white part and you now have a fried egg! Next the bacon. I rolled out small tubes of red and translucent. I made 1 1/2 inch tubes and placed rows of translucent, red, translucent, red, translucent together. I rolled them out until flat going up and down and side to side while rolling. I wanted the colors to mix slightly to make it look more natural. Next cut that into a rectangle shape. I also wanted my bacon to be wavy so I pinched some places around the sides to make it look wavy. Then bake according to the directions. Mine was about 10 minutes for the bacon and 15 for the eggs. Yummy bacon and eggs!

Brag By: Chrissy Tomalinas