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Hi! Today, Sabrina’s going to show you all how to make an arm-knitted scarf! She’s showing it on a slightly smaller scale, only because she’s a doll (shhhh, don’t tell her that!) but the instructions are the same for a person-sized scarf. It’s all you, Sabrina.

I’m super happy that I got to do a post today! I have a super-easy, super-quick, DIY gift for anyone! Now, let’s get started.

The first thing you’re going to do is take one ball of yarn (For a person-sized scarf, you’ll need two balls of yarn. Just pretend the two skeins of yarn are one throughout the entire project. This makes your scarf chunkier and nicer-looking.) and take the end that’s on the outside. Holding the end of the yarn in one hand, measure it from your finger to your opposite shoulder. Like this.

Do that twice, so you have two lengths of yarn that size. Now, you’re going to make a slipknot. To do this, hold the yarn in your left hand, draped over your hand, palm up. Wrap it around one more time and let the yarn hang there.

It should be coming from the back of your hand now. Next, grab the piece of yarn closest to your wrist on the back of your hand, and pull it UNDER the other piece yarn that is on the back of your hand.

Finally, grab the yarn that is now closest to your wrist, still on the back of your hand, and pull it under the other strip of yarn and off of your whole hand. Slip this yarn loop over your right hand and pull it so it hangs loosely on your wrist.

Okay, so now that you have your slipknot, and it is on your wrist, you’re going to make the tail of your yarn (the part that is not attached to the yarn ball) and the working yarn (the part that is attached to the skein of yarn) and separate them so that they hang from your hand like an upside-down V. The tail should be on the left side. Take your thumb and pointer finger and push the two apart while holding both pieces of yarn with your other fingers.

Now, move your left hand up so it is level with your right hand, which still has the slipknot on it. Don’t worry if this part is a little hard at first. It will take some practice. With your right hand, grab the yarn that is closest to your wrist (it should be on the left side of your thumb). Slide your pointer finger + thumb UNDER this piece. Then slide them over and under the yarn on the left side of your pointer finger. Pull the loop out towards you and slide it on your right hand with the slipknot. If you need a video help, here’s my favorite tutorial on this! This is called ‘casting on’.

Keep casting on until you have six strands of yarn on your right arm. Now you are ready to begin the scarf!

Hold the working yarn (remember, that’s the yarn that is connected to the skein) in your right hand. The working yarn will always be in the hand that the yarn loops are coming from. With your left hand, pull the top loop off your right hand. The working yarn, still in your right hand, should make a loop. Slip your left hand through that loop. This is a stitch. Continue this process until all of the loops are off of your right hand. Pull the yarn so it is snug around your wrist after
each stitch.

Stitch the yarn from hand to hand until you have the length you want. Now it is time to bind off. To do this, you will begin with making two stitches. Then pull the bottom stitch up and over the top one. Pull it tight. Make another stitch, pull up and over the bottom stitch, and repeat. When you have only one stitch left on your hand, cut your yarn about a foot away from your hand. Carefully slide the last stitch off of your hand. Make sure not to pull it though! Leave it loose and big. Bring the yarn that you just cut through the loop and pull tight. You have knotted off your scarf.

You can leave it like that if you’d like, or you can sew the ends together to make an infinity scarf/cowl. To do this, take your two ends and line them up. Take the longer of your two tails (the one you have from the beginning and the one you made in the end) and loop it through the holes at the edge of your scarf to stitch it together. Tie if off by tying the two ends together.

You are done! Enjoy your new scarf, or give it away so another person can enjoy it, too!

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