The Impact of Playing with Dolls on Friendships

Dolls on Friendships

The act of playing with dolls transcends mere playtime; it’s a pivotal experience shaping a child’s social and emotional development.  Recent studies have illuminated how this simple activity fosters crucial skills like empathy and social understanding, which are integral to forming and maintaining friendships.  This exploration delves into the nuanced ways doll play influences these … Read more

Do You Know About How Tall are American Girl Dolls?


Pleasant Rowland, a retired teacher in 1986, started the  Pleasant Company and launched the first line of  American Girl Dolls. Firstly, the company launched three 18-inch(46 cm) dolls namely Samantha (1904), Kristen (1854), and Molly (1944) all in white . After  seven years in 1993, Addy(1864) was introduced as a doll of color. The company … Read more

Blaire American Girl Doll 2023 Amazing


Blaire Wilson Girl of the Year 2019 announced by American Girl dolls, is an interesting character to share with childs. The writer shares the story of this challenging girl, loves nature. The whole story is about a technology lover girl named Blaire who lives with parents in Pleasant View Farm. The writer shows how interesting … Read more

All American Girl Doll Names & Famous 5 Review


Every child in childhood likes to play with dolls. It’s natural because they may think that dolls are similar creatures to themselves. Most kids spend their childhood with dolls, but girls especially keep their dolls as their siblings and sometimes talk with them. What is the thing that attracts kids to girls’ dolls? It may … Read more