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I purchased 1 yard of the no sow fuzzy fabric at Joanne’s Fabric. I cut two pieces of fabric the same size and used my doll bed to determine the size of the fabric. I then put the two pieces of fabric together and using scissors I made an 2 inch cut 1/4 inch apart all the way around the fabric. The corners were just cut out. I then tied the pieces into a double knot starting at one end and moving all the way around the blanket. I then took another two pieces of fabric that I cut the same size the size of a pillow and sewed on three sides with sowing machine. I turned the material inside out and then stuffed it with pillow stuffing. I then hot glued some scrap ribbon to the edge of the pillow. I made a bow out of the ribbon and hot glued it to the center of the top edge of the pillow:)

Brag By: Rudy