American Girl Dollhouse Curtain Rod *Easy*

Posted on Jun 15 2014 – 3:35am
by Rudy

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Dollhouse Curtain Rod

How to make a dollhouse curtain rod:

Materials Needed:

1 Wooden Dowel (I used 1/4 inch)

Paint of your choice

2 small cup hooks 

 Step 1:

Spray paint your wooden dowel the color you want.  I choose white, but black or brown would look nice depending on the scheme you’re going for.  I would make sure the color matches the cup hooks.  You can always paint those if you need to as well.

Dollhouse Curtain Rod

 Step 2:

Take two of the cup hooks and screw them into the dollhouse wall above the window.  These are super easy to use and I suggest keeping a pack on hand because they are useful for a lot of things in a dollhouse.

Dollhouse curtain rod


dollhouse curtain rod

Step 3:

Hang your wooden dowel on the hooks and you have yourself a dollhouse curtain rod!

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