Once you have made this awesome twin bed for your American Girl Doll, be sure to make it comfy!  Your doll doesn’t want her bed to bed hard as a rock.  This project is simple and easy to make.  I just used what I had on hand to make it, so there was no need to run out to the store.

Materials Needed:

Scrap Fabric
Buttons (Optional)
Needle & Thread or Sewing Machine
Stuffing (you can use any substitution for this)

American Girl Doll Mattress American Girl Doll Mattress

Step 1:

Take a piece of fabric and fold it in half.  Measure it on your American Girl Doll Bed to know how long and how wide you will need it.  Then cut it like the picture below.

American Girl Doll MattressStep 2:

Sew all the way around the fabric but leave one small section open.  This is where you will stuff the mattress.

Doll Mattress Doll Mattress

Step 3:

Stuff the mattress with batting.  You can also use scrap fabric if that’s what you have lying around.

Doll Mattress Doll Mattress

Step 4:

Once the bed is the thickness you want, you can hem the opening.  Now you have a mattress!  But wait, let’s add some character to it, shall we?

Step 5:

Get some random buttons you have on hand.  They can be jewels or beads, it doesn’t matter.  I played around with mine until I figured out what I wanted.  I sewed the buttons directly onto the mattress.  See picture below.

White Buttons Doll Mattress Doll Mattress

Now you can place it on your bed for a nice comfy touch.  Your doll will be so thankful you crafted this!