Amazing American girl doll dresses

Posted on Nov 22 2015 – 8:27pm

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About This Project:

I made these out of a pink stocking and a black stocking, the headbands were extra materials the belts were the second leg of the stocking
How the make:
1 put one leg of the stocking on the doll (do NOT cut of other leg)
2 gather and cut of the end (leaving enough room so you can see the shoe
3 gather and cut a hole for the arm to go through ( I did this once but you can do it twice)
4 use the other leg to wrap around the doll and tuck it in for a belt
5 with the end you cut off in step two, cut the closed part off of that and cut to whatever size you want
6 for the necklace (optional) I just used the extra material from the headband
And you are done, this is no sew as well!


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