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My daughter has a love for hanging chairs. This project allowed us to bring one into her AG world. We used 16 gauge copper wire, white yarn (pounder), and approximately 20 pony beads (4 are needed the rest are optional). You will also need scissors, wire cutters, and a crochet hook. Select wire, yarn and bead colors to suit your style. We chose copper for the color and opted for 16 gauge as it is softer and should not accidentally mark the dolls. To start, cut 2 lengths of wire – 32″ and 23″. Form each into a circle overlapping the ends about an inch, using the overlap to join the ends together. The larger circle when placed at a rough 45 degree angle should should comfortable fit around your doll (seated position). One edge of the circle should hit the nape of the neck and the other under the knees. The other circle will be the bottom of the chair. You may crochet or macrame the chair. The basics for crochet are: Single crochet around the large ring then crochet 2 rows. Placing your work at a 45 degree angle over the other ring, note and mark where they meet. I recommend working with the seat back first, decreasing each row appropriately and checking your work often. When the back is ready, cast off. To work on the seat, single crochet around the ring, Continue to crochet decreasing in each row until the seat is finished. Join the circles by crochet or macrame. To hang the chair affix 4 lengths of yarn or ribbon. We used 4 single crochet chains- each long enough to reach our dollhouse ceiling + 2 inches. We added beads for styling but recommend also using the beads to help adjust the hanging ropes/chair. Simply slip both chains on each side through the bead(s) before tying all the ends together. We hung our chair from an s hook, but you can also use a cup hook. Note: we used a slightly softer gauge wire to avoid scratching our dolls. This DIY was inspired by Classy Clutter’s real world DIY ( We are posting this to your brag post for an entry to your AG Grace’s Bakery Giveaway. We love your AG crafts and thank you for this great giveaway opportunity.

Brag By: Elaine Lake