Carnival Fish Prizes

Posted on Mar 8 2016 – 3:54pm

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About This Project:

We are hot thinking on the carnival theme Ms Rudy was talking about. We are crafting games to, but we really wanted the fun prizes- instead of plushies we wanted fish! Brainstormed and a quick trip to the dollar store later we came up with our supplies.
You need:
Clear Bouncy Balls with FISH in them (Dollar store, Oriental Trading, etc)
Sandwich Baggies

Super simple and super cute!
Take your bouncy ball and place it in the CORNER of on the sandwich size baggies. Corner of bag should be at the bottom of the ball.
TWIST the ball. Use TAPE (We cut the normal width tape in half) to secure the twist and then use the scissors to cut about a half inch above the taped twist. The bags will sit upright since the baggage on the bottom and the fish looks adorable.
Tah Dah!


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