American Girl Doll Soda Machine

Posted on Jun 30 2015 – 2:59pm

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My way of explaining this tutorial: Take your Cardboard and stack and glue around 3-4 layers (your choice) onto the bottom quarter of a single, flat, bigger piece (the piece which is your main back piece). Stack and glue more cardboard on the top for the dispenser area (that sticks out). Next, take your lollipop sticks and glue them across your bottom piece of stacked cardboard for the grates where the cup sits. Then, I chose to paint the entire thing just a Metallic Silver Paint from the craft store and add 2 of MyFroggyStuff’s Can Label Printables. (Optional: You can also use scrapbook paper and beads for extra detail, as the video shows.) And your done! Hope this works for you, feel free to take a look at the video for photos of each step and subscribe to MyFroggyStuff.

Brag By: Genevieve