DIY Doll Door for 18″ Dollhouse


If you’ve been following me for a while, these doll doors will look very familiar to you. I think ever since I put the first one in a doll room video I have gotten requests to show how I make them. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to share! Sorry! This is … Read more

DIY American Girl Doll Gymnastics Floor Mat


DIY American Girl Doll Gymnastics Floor Mat Do you love gymnastics like I do?  Check out the entire American Girl Gymnastics series below!  Do you have your own masterpiece? Part 1: American Girl Doll No-Sew Leotard Part 2: American Girl Doll Floor Beam Part 3: American Girl Doll Balance Beam Part 4: American Girl Doll Practice Bar … Read more

American Girl Doll Wellie Wishers


American Girl Doll Wellie Wishers You may already know that American Girl is releasing an entire new doll line called the Wellie Wishers. A lot of people are asking why this new doll line is here and why is American Girl phasing out the twins? Well, over the years American Girl has gotten a lot of … Read more